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AllSlots Casino 98.9% $777 10 Review
SlotsOfVegas 98.3% $400 9.98 Review
Europa Casino 98.3% $500 9.96 Review
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Although they are constantly under criticism, slot machines are long gone to get out of people's minds. And that's a good thing! After all the fun and thrills, they convey is, and remains unbroken. The slot machine is one of them as the beer and chips. Today, slot machines of Mercury or Novoline are already quite naturally in the arcade game as you can see . But that has not always been so. When the first machine still saw the light of the world in the 19th century, was probably not so really foresee the successful series was broken loose it. Probably not even the inventor himself

The first milestone was in fact already in 1887 when Charles Fey of San Francisco aufstellte the first classic one-armed bandits. The device consisted quite simply of three rolls, with the symbols of diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and the eponymous Liberty Bell put together. On gigantic jackpots and crazy gains, however, was not long to think. The first prize consisted of just 10 nickles. Nowadays, this corresponds to approximately 2.50 U.S. dollars. But more needed the slot machine did not even to make quickly a name. A few years later the United States was fully until success finally spilled over with slot machines on the European mainland.
Merkur Spiele

Three overarching categories have prevailed at the slot machines - and are so popular today. Machines with one payline are the oldest representatives who have been current in the days of the one-armed bandits. With usually only three reels and a few winning combinations they are certainly the beginner-friendly models that can often come up with a few additional features. The next generation of machines were slot machines with multiple lines, so-called multi-line slots. With an average of up to 20 winning combinations they represent the inclined players in front of a much higher task - but also attract with equally high profits.


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